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“The enjoyment of your new vessel starts with a good deal.”

Scheepsmakelaardij Enkhuizen is a nautical consultancy firm specialised in purchase brokerage support, valuing, and expert-witness-report services for professional vessels, houseboats and pleasure craft. With over 25 years’ experience and more than 800 transactions behind it, Scheepsmakelaardij Enkhuizen is one of the leading nautical consultancy firms in the Netherlands. In 2013, director Ties van Os decided to become the first ship broker to specialise in purchase support services. The firm is commissioned to perform valuations and draw up expert witness reports for buyers and law courts in dispute cases.

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About us

In 1998, Ties van Os founded Scheepsmakelaardij Enkhuizen. He is a certified shipbroker. Before entering shipbroking, Van Os worked as a skipper on coasters, racing yachts and charter boats, and in 1986, he sailed as navigator and co-skipper on Equity & Law in the Whitbread Race (Volvo Ocean Race).

Secretary to the Association of Sworn and EMCI Certified Ship Brokers (NBMS), Van Os was closely involved in the training, examinations and certification of ship brokers. He previously served ten years on the editorial staff of Zeilen magazine and, entrusted with certification and promotion, he served on the board of the HISWA qualified yacht & ship broker section for eight years.


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Purchase support

Scheepsmakelaardij Enkhuizen supports the buyer throughout the purchase from the moment that he/she has found his/her perfect vessel or small selection of vessels.

The subsequent purchase-support process consists of four phases:

  1. Inspection of the vessel, and the inventory and conditions of the vendor
  2. Analysis of potential future problems, such as surveys, VAT, certificates, licences, documents and ownership
  3. Negotiations on price and conditions
  4. Support during the notarial transfer and settlement
“The enjoyment of your new vessel starts with a good deal.”


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Valuing vessels is essential for determining a realistic price. In addition, valuations are often required for inflation-proof insurance or financing, if applicable.

The valuation process consists of the following three or four phases:

  1. Inspection of the vessel
  2. Investigation into specific aspects (if necessary)
  3. Drawing up the report
  4. Going over the report with the client


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Expert report

In the event of a dispute regarding the value of a vessel, the lawyer calls on an expert witness to draw up a report on the dispute, Scheepsmakelaardij Enkhuizen is a much sought after witness for dispute mediation, by virtue of its years of experience in vessel valuation, purchase and sales. Director Ties van Os has also followed a mediation programme to further equip Scheepsmakelaardij Enkhuizen for this service.


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Contact info

  • Scheepsmakelaardij Enkhuizen
  • Ties van Os Nautisch consultant
  • Oosterhavenstraat 51A, 1601 KX Enkhuizen, Nederland

  • 00 31 (0)228 315551
  • 00 31 (0)6 51 344957
  • 00 31 (0)228 312579
  • info@scheepsmakelaardij.nl
  • www.scheepsmakelaardij.nl

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